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Cheap holidays to Aghia Efimia

Aghia Efimia sits on the east coast of Kefalonia and is a unique summer destination to enjoy your holidays close to amazing beaches and tranquil scenery. Cheap holidays to Aghia Efimia, Karpathos, will be memorable and filled with lots of sunshine and relaxing moments. Contact for the best deal.


The beach of Aghia Efimia is small and narrow. Aghia Efimia boasts some tiny pebbly coves with stunning views over to the island of Ithaca to enjoy on your holidays there. The water is clear and crystal blue and there are various taverns, cafes and mini markets close to the beach to dine to. In close proximity to the resort is the beautiful pebble beach of Paradise and to the south of Aghia Efimia is Aghia Paraskevi beach to visit as well for a change of scenery.

Things to do

The coastal village of Aghia Efimia lies around a natural bay and offers amazing sea views to the clear blue Ionian Sea. Cheap holidays to Aghia Efimia are a delight to those seeking a picturesque place and a tranquil getaway with the whole family! The small port is lovely and hosts numerous fishing and excursion boats. Aghia Efimia holiday promise guests a lot of sightseeing opportunities and daily excursions to neighbouring villages as well. The Monastery of Themata and the small chapel next to the harbour are both well worth visiting. Also the beautiful paved streets of Aghia Efimia host brilliant Greek architectural buildings, colourful houses and traditional coffee shops called ‘’kafeneia’’ to discover. During your holidays to Aghia Efimia you should also visit the remains of the old fortresses and the Venetian buildings as well as the nearby traditional villages. You’ll find also several gift shops, to do some shopping, that sell local produce (honey, pastries and wine) and traditional bakeries around the resort.



Fish restaurants and traditional taverns line the waterfront, overlooking the wonderful bay and serve fresh caught fish and other local delicacies. During their cheap holidays to Aghia Efimia no one should miss to taste the local cuisine and many of the tasteful Greek dishes. Moreover, there are friendly bars to enjoy a drink or two in the evening.

Aghia Efimia promises a holiday of luxury and simplicity to families, friends or couples. Book your trip there with today!


Average Temperatures in Aghia Efimia

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