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Cheap holidays to Lesvos

Lesvos, known also as Mytilene, is the third largest island in Greece and has green forests, unspoiled beaches, archaeological monuments and welcoming locals with simple lifestyle that will treat you to an unforgettable holiday. offers you the best cheap holidays to Lesvos that are filled with lots of sunshine, amazing beaches and lovely atmosphere.


The picturesque island of Lesvos features beautiful beaches with emerald waters. Vectra and Skala Eressos beaches are both popular among the sunbathers. Thermi, Sigri and Vatera beaches, on the other hand, have organized beach activities like scuba diving, windsurfing, water-skiing and more to entertain the whole family. But, also, you’ll find more relaxing and quieter beaches and bays to enjoy during your Lesvos holidays.


When you’re enjoying your cheap holidays to Lesvos island there are many places to visit and lots to see. Mytilene, the beautiful capital town, has a historic castle overlooking the city along with interesting museums, art galleries and plenty shops and cafes to visit. During your Lesvos holidays a glass-bottomed boat ride or a catamaran cruise around the island will be a great idea too. The traditional beautiful villages of this island are worth a visit from everyone who want to experience the real Greek lifestyle and culture.

Lesvos is famous for the traditional distilled of the Greek drink ouzo. There is, also, a museum about ouzo and its production, which you may visit during your holidays there (entrance is free).

Lesvos is full of traditions, monuments, imposing history and culture and has something for everyone. The island offer nice accommodation options for every budget and preference from all-inclusive and luxury hotels to cheap but clean rooms by the sea.


During your holidays to Lesvos you must try the island’s simple but tasteful cuisine. Most restaurants and local taverns use in their cooking the islands’ produces (fresh vegetables, fruits, olives and herbs) and a lot of fresh fish and seafood that is caught locally. Try lakerda, Greek ‘’meze’’ and ouzo! Nightlife is also pleasant in Lesvos, offering laid-back atmosphere and nice local bars, taverns and beach bars to enjoy in the evenings.


Average Temperatures in Lesvos

Lesvos Resorts

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Molyvos resort is situated on the north part of Lesvos and is also known as Mithymna. Cheap holidays to Molyvos are a delight to travellers from all over the world due to its...

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Cheap holidays to Mytiline, the capital town and main port of Lesvos island, offer relaxed atmosphere and lots of sunshine to travellers from all over the world. Mytiline is rich in culture and...

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On the northwest part of Lesvos sits the ravishing resort of Petra, which offers tranquil and relaxing summer holidays to travellers from all over the world. The charming village is built beside the...

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Plomari View


Plomari is a modern tourist resort and a holiday destination with rich history and cultural heritage. Plomari is the second largest town of Lesvos after Mytiline and is famous for its excellent local...

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Skala Eressos View

Skala Eressos

The beautiful seaside resort of Skala Eressos is situated on the south western side of Lesvos and promises visitors memorable and relaxing beach holidays. Skala Eressos is the birthplace of Sappho, the Greek...

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Skala Kallonis View

Skala Kallonis

Skala Kallonis is beautifully located on the northwest coast of the island of Lesvos. Cheap holidays to Skala Kallonis are filled with lovely beaches, lots of sunshine and picturesque locations. The resort is...

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